Apex Pro Sikezz Seen Not Playing With XSET in ALGS Year 4 Scrims

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In the landscape of competitive Apex Legends, the excitement for the upcoming ALGS Year 4 has reached new heights. Fans are not only eagerly anticipating the intense battles and strategic plays but are also keeping a close eye on the surprise trials and roster changes that seem to be unfolding.

Last night’s Apex Legends scrims for ALGS Year 4 brought an unexpected twist as DarkZero, a team known for its competitive prowess, was seen seemingly testing the waters with a slightly altered lineup. While Genburten recently trialed with Sweet and Nafen for another team, this time around, Zer0 and Genburten were seen collaborating with Sikezz from XSET.

XSET Uncertainty?

The intrigue deepened as fans observed Sikezz seamlessly fitting into the DarkZero lineup. Notably, Sikezz had previously played with DarkZero in scrims, but during those instances, his regular team, XSET, was absent. It was then perceived as a temporary fill-in. However, the recent developments suggest a more deliberate exploration of team dynamics.

What set last night’s trial apart was that, simultaneously, the entire XSET roster was actively participating in scrims – without Sikezz. This shift in dynamics prompted questions about the future of Sikezz with XSET and the potential for a more permanent collaboration with DarkZero. Many also speculated and wondered if something changed on November 18th, when Sikezz posted this gif on X (formerly Twitter) which had many fans in the comment section confused:

Nothing Confirmed

The situation, though intriguing, remains shrouded in uncertainty. While there are possibilities of Sikezz officially joining DarkZero, the landscape of competitive gaming is complex, and many puzzle pieces are in play. The fluidity of trials and team compositions can make it challenging for fans to follow the unfolding stories.

It’s crucial to consider that, amid these trials, XSET might opt to stick together if they find continued comfort and synergy within their current roster, especially with the upcoming Pro League approaching. The intricacies of team dynamics and the pursuit of optimal synergy often dictate these decisions.

As the Apex Legends Global Series Year 4 approaches, fans are advised to stay tuned for further updates on roster changes and team trials. The competitive scene is known for its unpredictability, and surprises may continue to shape the landscape leading up to the start of the highly anticipated tournament.

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