Apex Pro ImperialHal Voices Frustrations with ALGS Pros

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Apex Legends pro player, ImperialHal, recently made waves in the gaming community by expressing his frustration with some aspects of the competitive ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) scene. His concerns were centered around players maintaining positions they might not deserve inside the ALGS. This ignited a passionate discussion within the Apex Legends community.

Hal, Timmy, & Sikezz

During a live-streamed conversation, ImperialHal shared his disappointment with players seemingly not facing consequences despite underperforming. He argued that this dynamic hindered the growth and competitiveness of the scene. This, he argued, is why some players are still given opportunities by their organizations, and also that he is “offended when I see players stay in positions they shouldn’t be in”.

In response, prominent Apex pros, Sikezz from Team XSET and iiTzTimmy from Team DOJO, offered different perspectives. They emphasized that the esports landscape is complex, with the weight of words being heavier for more popular streamers, and some decisions being left to the orgs themselves.

Orgs in Apex

This discussion sparked intense reactions from fans and players, showcasing the dedication and passion within the Apex Legends competitive scene. It highlights the ongoing dialogue aimed at refining and advancing professional play within the game. Ultimately, all agreed that the orgs themselves need work on their management and breaking away from the current “vouch system”.

As the Apex Legends competitive scene evolves, it will be interesting to see if these conversations lead to changes in the competitive landscape and how they shape the future of esports in the game’s universe.

Did Imperialhal Go Too Far?

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