ALGS Pro Team “SKRT” to Separate & Albralelie Retiring from Pro Apex

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The Apex Legends pro scene witnessed a surprising twist recently as the once-promising team “SKRT” has decided to go their separate way in the very near future. Comprising former 100 Thieves player Scuwry and seasoned Apex veteran Albralelie as the core duo, the team has undergone several changes since the start of the pro league in January.

From the outset, SKRT’s struggles were apparent, especially during match days where they consistently failed to secure a solid Point of Interest (POI) on either map. This lack of a strong landing spot forced them into unfavorable fights of drop, resulting in numerous losses. The team’s woes extended beyond match days, affecting their placements in scrims as well. It became clear that SKRT needed a change to remain competitive.

A couple of weeks ago, in a bid to revitalize their performance, Scuwry and Albralelie made a bold decision. They decided to part ways with controller player Awakening, who had been struggling to make a significant impact. In his place, they welcomed Hambino, a more vocal player capable of taking on the in-game leadership (IGL) role. The community was excited by this move, optimistic that the newfound synergy and direction would propel SKRT to success.

However, just when it seemed like SKRT was on the verge of possibly turning it around, the team faced the final setback. Albralelie took to Twitter yesterday to say “Sunday will be my last day competing in Apex for the foreseeable future”. This unexpected announcement has shocked the Apex Legends community, leaving fans and fellow players alike wondering about the future of the players.

Shortly after Albralelie’s announcement, Scuwry and Hambino shared their plans with the community. Scuwry expressed his commitment to finishing out the split and revealed his intention to look for two new teammates for future pro league play.

Meanwhile, Hambino declared their openness to joining an existing pro league roster or challengers team, actively seeking offers from potential teams. Hambino was also recently a winner of the last Challengers Circuit round being a part of PEN5, it is unclear if that route is still an option for them.

As the community watches the aftermath unfold, the fate of SKRT remains uncertain, leaving fans eager to see what the future holds for these talented players in the ever-competitive world of Apex Legends.


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