ALGS NA Match Day 6 Recap and Leaderboards

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The latest ALGS match day brought forth a whirlwind of excitement, featuring some remarkable performances and unexpected turns including some new faces shining on top that have left the Apex Legends community buzzing.

Match Day 6 B vs. C Final Leaderboard

One of the standout stories of the day was the newly modified EternalEC roster, now featuring McLovin, who seized the spotlight by finishing first with an impressive 69 total points and 31 kills. This dynamic showing not only marked a significant triumph for the team but also injected a breath of fresh air into the competitive scene as new faces began to shine.

However, the day also belonged to DarkZero, who continued their dominant streak, securing second place overall with 63 total points and an astounding 33 kills. The team showcased consistency across all six matches, culminating in the highest kill count of the day. This stellar performance catapulted DarkZero to the top of the overall leaderboard, reinforcing their position as formidable contenders on the road to LAN.

Moist Esports also left their mark, finishing fourth on the day with a total of 25 kills. A standout performance in game six solidified their position in the top five, positioning Moist Esports at second overall. As they continue their quest for LAN, their standout gameplay makes them a team to watch in the upcoming weeks.

ALGS North America Top 12 – Overall Leaderboard

On the flip side, disappointment loomed for Furia, as they struggled to find their rhythm throughout the day. Consistently facing early eliminations, Furia finished in 19th place on the day, a result that dropped them significantly to 10th on the overall leaderboard. With the pressure mounting, Furia will need to regroup and address their challenges swiftly to stay in contention.

Faze experienced another inconsistent outing, finishing in 18th place on the day. The team’s struggles raise concerns and they may need to make some adjustments quickly. With the threat of relegation looming, Faze finds themselves at a crucial juncture where swift adjustments are imperative to avoid potential repercussions in the next split of the pro league.

As the ALGS season unfolds, the competitive landscape continues to evolve, with new talents emerging and established teams facing both triumphs and tribulations. The drama and intensity only continue to grow.


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