First 8 Teams Qualify for ALGS Split 1 Playoffs as REJECT WINNITY Win APAC North

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In a spectacular display of skill and teamwork, Reject Winnity emerged victorious in the APAC North Split 1 Pro League finals of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS). The trio, consisting of obly, KaronPe, and SangJoon, dominated the competition in a match point format series, securing their regional championship in just four games with an impressive 46 kills.

The new rules for match point format implemented in ALGS this year state that the series must continue for a minimum of 6 games, even if a team secures a match point victory sooner. This rule aims to provide other teams with an opportunity to make strategic moves and potentially shift the leaderboards in their favor.

The Reject Winnity trio showcased exceptional synergy and individual skills, outclassing their opponents and leaving a lasting impact on the APAC North Split 1 Pro League. Their strategic decisions, interesting team compositions, and ability to secure kills set them apart, ultimately earning them the victory in the regional finals.

Following the conclusion of the finals, the spotlight now turns to the LAN event, with Reject Winnity securing their spot alongside seven other top-performing teams from APAC North. The LAN event promises to be a fierce battleground, where the best teams from various regions will compete for glory and prize money.

APAC North Split 1 LAN Teams

As the ALGS journey continues, fans can look forward to more thrilling action this weekend. The APAC South regional finals are scheduled for March 10th at 4 am EST. Additionally, the final two normal match days for the EMEA and NA regions are set to take place on March 9th and March 10th, respectively. EMEA and NA regional finals are scheduled for March 17th. These upcoming events will determine the remaining teams securing coveted spots at the upcoming LAN event.

March 9th

  • EMEA Match Day #8 1 pm EST
  • NA Match Day #8 6 pm EST

March 10th

  • EMEA Match Day #9 1 pm EST
  • NA Match Day #8 6 pm EST


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