Apex Team Vote To Kick Captain From ALGS Succeeds

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Tayko Drops Team

In a surprising turn of events within the competitive gaming realm, Team No Days Off (NDO) has officially ousted their captain, Tayko, from their roster following an attempted roster change in the EMEA Pro League. The decision came after Tayko informed his teammates, Sherb and Plexez, of his intention to drop them from the roster in favor of assembling an “all French team” just after the start of Pro League season.

ALGS Rules

Under ALGS rules, such roster alterations are permissible provided the team completes one week of matches before making changes. While this move was technically within the regulations, it didn’t sit well with the affected players. Feeling disgruntled by Tayko’s unilateral decision, Sherb and Plexez took action.

In a display of unity, the former teammates banded together and submitted an official vote to ALGS administrators to have Tayko removed from the roster. The significance of this vote cannot be overstated, as a single dissenting vote would have resulted in a tie, leaving the decision in Tayko’s hands. However, with a decisive 3-1 majority, the verdict was clear: Tayko was to be ousted from his captaincy.

ALGS Confirms

Today, Plexez confirmed the outcome, revealing that the vote had been counted and Tayko was officially removed from the roster. Additionally, Sherb decided to part ways with the team regardless, leaving Plexez to assume full control of the roster.

With this shake-up, Plexez now leads the team looking for a new name, joined by teammates TrixX and Bardo, alongside coach Mibles. Despite the turmoil, the team remains determined as they continue their journey in ALGS Year 4. As they embark on this new chapter, the gaming community watches with anticipation, wishing them the best of luck in their endeavors.

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