Apex Pro iiTzTimmy Leaves Disguised to Join Not Moist for ALGS

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In a surprising turn of events, popular streamer, and professional Apex Legends player iiTzTimmy has announced his departure from the Disguised roster to join Not Moist for the remainder of Split 2 in the ALGS. Timmy broke the news during his stream this afternoon, revealing that he would no longer be teaming with Dezignful and Enemy. Instead, he will be joining forces with Gild and Wxltzy on the Moist roster, under the coaching guidance of Emtee.

This announcement has left many fans in shock and speculation about the reasons behind Timmy’s sudden team change. The move has also sparked curiosity about the future of the current Disguised roster, now left with two members, Dezignful and Enemy.

In the wake of Timmy’s announcement, Dezignful took to Twitter to share that he “had a comp opportunity for someone,” who now appears to be in search of a new teammate to replace Timmy. This context adds clarity to Dezignful’s earlier cryptic message and opens up the possibility of a new player joining Disguised.

One potential candidate being speculated by fans is the current Disguised coach, Bronzey, who might step in to fill Timmy’s vacant spot. Alternatively, the team may look to recruit a new player entirely within the coming week.

The coaching dynamics of Moist are also in flux with this roster change. Emtee, who now has stepped down from his IGL role, will now be taking on coaching responsibilities. This shift raises questions about the future of Draugr, the current coach of Moist. It remains to be seen whether Draugr will remain a part of the coaching team or move on to new opportunities.

As the ALGS progresses, fans and analysts alike will be keeping a close eye on how these roster changes impact both teams’ performances. Stay tuned for more updates on the evolving situations with Timmy, Disguised, and Moist.

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