ALGS Split 2 Recap: Surprises Across All Regions

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The second weekend of ALGS Split 2 has concluded, bringing unexpected results and compelling storylines across all regions. Here’s a breakdown of the highlights and surprises:

APAC North

Leading the pack in APAC North are NewJ, Fnatic, and MM1427G. While Fnatic and MM1427G’s dominance was anticipated, NewJ’s performance has been a pleasant surprise for fans unfamiliar with the region. Unfortunately, fan favorites Crazy Raccoon have found themselves in a disappointing 27th place, far below their usual standards and fan expectations.

APAC South

APAC South has been dominated by Legends Gaming, who have claimed first place in three out of four match days. MKERS (formerly TYK) and Serenity are also making notable appearances at the top of the leaderboard. In contrast,, a team with a strong following, is struggling in the bottom tier of the standings. They will need a significant turnaround in the second half of the split to qualify for the Split 2 LAN event.


The EMEA region has been full of surprises, with underdog teams MadeInHeaven and GaiminGladiators (formerly OMiT) currently leading after three match days. Powerhouse teams like Alliance and Aurora are not far behind, occupying the upper middle of the standings and still in strong contention. Notably, o7 had a dramatic comeback, rebounding from an 18th-place finish last week to clinch first place this weekend, boosting them to 7th overall.

North America

In North America, the expected frontrunners, Falcons and SSG, are holding the top two spots after three match days, with Furia and TSM close behind. TSM showcased they can still compete at the highest level by securing first place this weekend. On the other end, Disguised and Not Moist, both of whom had high expectations after strong performances in Split 1, are struggling significantly. Disguised sits at 29th overall due to poor 3v3 fight results, while Moist’s last-place finish on match day two has them at 25th. Additionally, E8 is languishing at the bottom with only 2 points, attributed to 19th-place finishes in both of their match days. Their solid scrim performances have yet to translate into match-day success, potentially due to roster changes affecting team chemistry.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments as Split 2 of the ALGS continues to unfold.


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