The Future of DarkZero in the ALGS

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DarkZero Esports, a key player in the ALGS, has made a significant move by releasing its current roster, including renowned players Genburten and Zer0. This decision has left fans and analysts speculating about the organization’s next steps in the competitive scene. As a member of the EA Partnership Program, DarkZero has several potential pathways: they could either field a new roster ahead of Split 2 or, like some organizations, exit Apex Legends entirely. Here, we explore three promising roster options that DarkZero might consider for the upcoming split.

Option 1: o7

The EMEA roster of o7, comprising Gnaske, Amphy, and the recently returned Zaine, is a top contender for DarkZero. This team is known for their high-caliber performances and proven LAN capabilities. Recently, members of o7 teased on Twitter that they had been signed by an organization, but an official announcement has yet to be made. Aligning with o7 could provide DarkZero with a robust and experienced team ready to compete at the highest level.

Option 2: SKD Mark

Another strong candidate is SKD Mark, featuring ex-OpTic members Dropped and Knoqd, alongside Shooby, and coached by two-time LAN champion Raven. While this roster is still unproven with their new controller player Shooby and coach Raven, their individual talents and collective potential could make them a formidable force in Split 2. The combination of experienced players and a seasoned coach might offer DarkZero the competitive edge they need. It is unlikely someone like Raven would coach for a team that is unsigned so there have been rumors about this team being in contact with an organization, could it be DarkZero?

Option 3: Ex-XSET

The former XSET roster, now playing with veteran controller player Reptar after releasing Koyful, presents another viable option. Comprising Nocturnal, Fun, and Hodsic, this team has significant experience with major organizations and recently qualified for the Esports World Cup through the open qualifier. Their track record and veteran status make them an attractive option for DarkZero, providing a balance of experience and recent competitive success. The team has also recently teased they have signed with an organization, although we still don’t know which one.

Strategic Considerations for DarkZero

DarkZero’s decision will hinge on several strategic factors, including their long-term goals within the ALGS and their commitment to remaining in the EA Partnership Program. Signing a new, high-potential roster like o7, SKD Mark, or Ex-XSET would allow DarkZero to stay competitive and maintain their presence in the Apex Legends scene. Each potential roster offers unique strengths and could align well with DarkZero’s ambitions to achieve top placements in future competitions.

As the community eagerly awaits an official announcement, the future of DarkZero in the ALGS remains a subject of intense interest. Whether they opt for the proven LAN success of o7, the promising potential of SKD Mark, or the veteran experience of Ex-XSET, DarkZero’s next move will be crucial in defining their competitive trajectory. Stay tuned for updates as DarkZero prepares to unveil their plans for Split 2 and beyond.


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