Apex Pros Genburten, ImperialHal, and Zer0 Join Team Falcons

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Earlier today, the competitive Apex Legends scene was shaken by the official announcement from DarkZero Esports, revealing the release of their three-time champion roster members, Zer0 and Genburten. This news has sparked a flurry of speculation among fans and analysts alike, especially in light of recent moves with ImperialHal’s departure from TSM to join forces with this formidable duo.

Many have speculated that this move could be more strategic than it appears on the surface. When ImperialHal announced his departure from DarkZero, he did not confirm his affiliation with DarkZero which caused some confusion. Rumors then intensified, suggesting that this trio might soon be playing under the banner of a Saudi Arabian esports organization, specifically Team Falcons.

Team Falcons

Team Falcons, known for their significant financial backing, have the resources necessary to support such a high-caliber roster. The organization’s CEO recently posted on Snapchat about his arrival in Dallas, Texas, coincidentally where Zer0, Genburten, and ImperialHal currently reside. This has led to widespread speculation that an official announcement might be imminent.

The official Team Falcons account confirmed this signing calling this trio the “Superteam”.

What’s Next for DarkZero?

As for DarkZero Esports, their future in the ALGS remains uncertain. Being part of the EA Partner Program, DarkZero has a strong foundation within the competitive ecosystem. They could potentially rebuild by picking up another talented roster ahead of Split 2. The organization’s past success and infrastructure could mean that they are not ready to bow out just yet. Instead, this might be an opportunity for DarkZero to scout and nurture new talent, aiming for a fresh start and renewed vigor in upcoming competitions. Could we see the EMEA roster of o7 or the NA team of SKD Mark sign to DarkZero soon?

Stay tuned for more updates as the Apex Legends esports world braces for what could be one of the most exciting roster changes in recent history. With Split 2 on the horizon, the anticipation and speculation will only grow until official confirmations are made.

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