Apex Team Accused of Cheating in APAC South World Cup Qualifiers

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The Apex Legends Esport World Cup (ESWC) qualifiers have kicked off, but the start has been anything but smooth. As the first team from the APAC South region, Lightning Unicorn, secured their spot for the ESWC this July, accusations of cheating and collusion have cast a shadow over their victory.

Pro players have voiced frustration over the lack of communication from the event organizers during the signup process and leading up to the competition. This discontent has been amplified by recent allegations of unfair play. The controversy began with a team known as CIH, previously accused of cheating in Split 1 of the pro league earlier this year and of making racist remarks toward competing Chinese teams. Following these accusations, CIH was banned from the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS).

Fans and viewers now suspect that teams might have been colluding with this team and possibly other teams during the finals. The accusations suggest that this alleged collusion aimed to target and undermine dominant Chinese teams like Dreamfire, thereby boosting other’s chances or possibly specifically Lightning Unicorns chances of qualifying. This was done through contesting them off spawn while Lightning Unicorns went uncontested in finals.

Further fueling these suspicions are peculiar observations from certain players’ point of views (POVs) during the finals. Viewers have pointed out anomalies in gameplay that they believe could indicate cheating from a team within the lobby. These irregularities have raised serious concerns about the competitive integrity of the event.

The APAC South qualifiers’ controversy underscores a critical need for transparent communication and stringent anti-cheating measures from organizers to maintain the integrity of esports competitions. As the ESWC progresses, it will be crucial for the organizers to address these concerns promptly and ensure a fair playing field for all participants.

These are not the only cheater allegations amongst the Esports World Cup. Many accounts that shouldn’t be eligible are showing up in prime fashion. Apex Pro “Rkn” had posted a level 12 player who had killed him in their lobby. The newness of this account verifies many suspicions from players and fans alike.

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