Apex Coach Raven Trials With Ex-OpTic Roster for ALGS Split 2

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In recent ALGS news, fans and analysts have been buzzing about the possibility of renowned coach Raven joining forces with the ex-OpTic Gaming roster now known as SKD Mark ahead of Split 2 pro league. Known for his strategic talent and leadership, Raven, who previously coached TSM to two LAN Championship victories last year, was spotted in a Discord call with Dropped, Knoqd, and their new teammate Shooby during scrims. This interaction has led many to speculate that Raven might become their full-time coach for Split 2.

Although this collaboration is currently described as a “trial,” Raven’s potential impact on the team cannot be overstated. His departure from TSM, announced on Twitter after the conclusion of Split 1 LAN, surprised many in the ALGS community. This move preceded a significant roster shake-up at TSM, including the departure of their star player, ImperialHal.

The ex-OpTic roster, now featuring former E8 anchor player Shooby, looks poised to become a formidable force in the upcoming Split 2. The trio of Dropped, Knoqd, and Shooby brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table, and under the guidance of a coach with Raven’s track record, they have the potential to form a new “super team” in the ALGS. Knoqd had a hectic off-season as he was rumored to be playing with ZachMazer on E8 after Shooby’s departure but it seems that fate has brought them together in the end to form their own team as Knoqd has said: “he has a plan”.

Speculation is also rife that this roster might have an organization ready to sign them before Split 2 begins. This is further backed by the thought that Raven wouldn’t likely settle coaching for a roster that isn’t signed to an org when you consider his accomplishments within the league thus far. Such a move would provide the stability and support necessary for the team to fully leverage Raven’s strategic insights and championship experience to lead this team to victory. In their most recent scrim set they were able to place in 3rd, which is a great start.

As ALGS Split 2 approaches, all eyes will be on this evolving roster. If Raven’s trial period transitions into a permanent coaching role, the ex-OpTic squad could very well rise to the top of the competitive Apex scene. Fans eagerly await confirmation of Raven’s official role and whether this promising team will secure organizational backing, setting the stage for an exciting Split 2.

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