Major Drop Spot Change Coming to ALGS Split 2

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In a bold and controversial move, the ALGS announced a massive overhaul to drop spots for Split 2, which kicks off in just two weeks. This new system, aimed at addressing competitive imbalances, has sparked significant debate among professional players and fans alike.

The New Draft System

The upcoming changes involve a draft system where each of the 20 competing teams will be assigned a number from 1 to 20. In this order, teams will select one of the authorized drop spots across both Storm Point and World’s Edge. This draft-based approach eliminates the traditional contesting for “high tier” POIs, potentially leaving teams picking last, who may end up with “lower tier” POIs at a disadvantage. Across the duration of pro league the order in which teams pick will be equalized so every team has a chance at picking first and last.

Oversight Scrims Mock Draft

To give teams a taste of the new system, the pros ran a mock draft during the second half of the Oversight scrims. This practice session allowed teams to navigate the new dynamics and strategize accordingly. Feedback from this change has been mostly negative, with some players appreciating the predictability of drop spots, while others lament the loss of strategic depth that comes from contesting high-value areas.

Reaction from the Pros

Pro players have expressed mixed feelings about this significant adjustment so close to Split 2. While some acknowledge the potential for a more structured and less chaotic early game, many are concerned about the impact on competitive integrity and strategy around contesting and claiming POIs. The sudden implementation instead of waiting until Year 5, has added to the controversy.

Looking Ahead

As the ALGS community prepares for Split 2 starting June 1st, the debate continues. Will this draft system lead to a fairer competitive landscape, or will it hinder the strategic depth that defines Apex Legends? Only time will tell as teams adapt to these unprecedented changes.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we inch closer to the start of Split 2.


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