North American ALGS Roster Changes: Rumors and Speculations

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The North American ALGS scene is buzzing with rumors and speculations as teams gear up for Split 2. With notable players making moves and teams undergoing transformations, the landscape of competitive Apex is experiencing a seismic shift. Here’s a rundown of the latest roster changes stirring the pot:

Shooby’s LFT Tweet: The first ripple in the pond came from Shooby of E8, who dropped a bombshell by posting a Looking For Team (LFT) tweet. This hinted at potential changes within E8, particularly involving Zachmazer and Zaptoh, who might be seeking a new teammate to navigate Split 2. Notably, former OpTic player Knoqd has been spotted playing with them in scrims, fueling speculation about a possible reunion between himself and Zachmazer.

    TSM’s Shuffle: The departure of ImperialHal from TSM sent shockwaves through the community, leaving a void in the team’s lineup. Verhulst is reportedly stepping back into the fray, joining forces with Dezignful from DSG alongside Reps. The trio appears to be recalibrating their strategy, with Verhulst and Reps eyeing Dezignful to potentially fill the void left by ImperialHal as the team’s In-Game Leader (IGL).

    DSG’s Dual Trial: Meanwhile, DSG is embarking on a potential dual trial scenario, with Shooby and former OpTic player Dropped joining their ranks in scrims. Speculation is rife that this trial could be a contingency plan should Dezignful transition to TSM. The status of Enemy remains uncertain, raising questions about the role of Shooby and Dropped within the team.

    SSG’s Standout Performance: Koyful’s continued presence within SSG, replacing Frexs, has turned heads following the team’s dominant performance in recent scrims. With Monday’s scrim block serving as a showcase of their skills, SSG is positioning themselves as formidable contenders going into Split 2.

    Oxygen’s Potential Trial: Falloutt’s Twitter revelation hinted at potential changes within Oxygen, with Frexs reportedly trialing with the team in place of Reedz. Reedz had previously put out his own LFT post, suggesting an imminent shake-up within Oxygen’s roster.

      As Pro League Split 2 draws closer, the North American ALGS scene is on the cusp of a transformative season. With teams jockeying for position, alliances forming, and players seeking new opportunities, the stage is set for an electrifying display of skill and strategy.

      Stay tuned as the drama unfolds, and the race for dominance in Apex Legends reaches new heights.


      My name is Austin, also known as Lumpy. I am a involved in all things Apex and ALGS.

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