ALGS Comes To A Halt after Apex Pros Were Hacked

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It was a crazy night during the North America Split 1 Regional Finals of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), two prominent players, Genburten from DarkZero and ImperialHal from TSM, fell victim to hacking incidents that marred the integrity of the competition.

Amidst the intense competition of game 3, Genburten was confronted with an unexpected sight—a hack menu suddenly appearing on his screen, offering a plethora of cheats that could potentially manipulate the outcome of the match. To his dismay, he realized he could see every player through walls, a blatant sign of unfair advantage. Faced with the dilemma, Genburten had no choice but to exit the game promptly to avoid risking disqualification or bans.

It was also noticed later that Genburten had aimbot but didn’t realize it before he left the game. He ended up eliminating a player from across the map with a Bocek with out realizing.

The unsettling ordeal didn’t end there. In game 4, ImperialHal, one of the most renowned players in the competitive Apex scene, found himself in a similar predicament. As he engaged an opponent, he noticed his aim behaving unusually precise, a telltale sign of aimbot. Despite the temptation to continue playing, ImperialHal and his team grappled with the implications, ultimately deciding to persist through the match. The game was promptly canceled quickly after this realization.

The gravity of the situation quickly reverberated across the Apex community when the official ALGS Twitter account issued an unprecedented announcement. The Regional Finals were abruptly cancelled and postponed to an undisclosed date, leaving participants and fans in a state of uncertainty. The repercussions of this unfortunate incident extend beyond mere inconvenience, casting doubts on the fairness and integrity of the entire league.

Until further updates emerge regarding the resumption of the ALGS Regional Finals and the fate of the affected players and teams, the competitive Apex Legends scene remains shrouded in uncertainty. Stay tuned for developments as the esports world navigates through this tumultuous period.


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