Apex Pro ImperialHal Leaves TSM… What’s Next?

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In a monumental development for the Apex Legends competitive community, TSM has announced the departure of ImperialHal after a remarkable five-year stint and multiple championships with the organization. The news, delivered via TSM’s official Twitter account, caught many by surprise and ignited a flurry of speculation regarding the future of both TSM and ImperialHal.

Confirming swirling rumors, ImperialHal took to his personal social media channels to disclose that he would be joining forces with DarkZero’s Zer0 and Genburten for the upcoming Split 2 of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS).

While ImperialHal’s announcement didn’t explicitly mention his destination, the absence of a direct reference to DarkZero fueled discussion about potential affiliations, with DarkZero, FaZe Clan and even a RedBull team emerging as plausible destinations for the newly-formed trio.

Rumors have also been flying about a potential new partnership from one of the organizations participating in the upcoming Esports World Cup that aren’t currently involved in Apex.

The departure of ImperialHal from TSM not only marks the end of a significant chapter in his career but also prompts questions about TSM’s future direction in competitive Apex Legends. In response to the departure, TSM assured fans that they would remain steadfast in their commitment to the Apex scene, hinting at an imminent announcement regarding their Split 2 roster. However, details regarding the composition of the new lineup remain tantalizingly scarce, leaving fans to speculate whether existing players such as Reps and Verhulst will retain their spots or if a wholesale overhaul is in the cards. Could we see free-agent players like Skittlecakes, Slayr, or even Teq join them to compete in Split 2?

The absence of official statements and appearance in scrims from Reps and Verhulst only serves to heighten the intrigue surrounding TSM’s next moves. As the Apex Legends competitive landscape braces for the onset of ALGS Rostermania, the departure of ImperialHal from TSM serves as a watershed moment, signaling the dawn of a new era characterized by uncertainty and possibility.

As the dust settles and the pieces fall into place, one thing remains certain: the departure of ImperialHal from TSM marks not an end, but rather a new beginning, heralding a fresh chapter in the storied annals of competitive Apex Legends.

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