Apex Pro Player Slayr Parts Ways With LG for ALGS

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LG Slayr has announced his plan going into Split 2 pro league of the ALGS. Taking to Twitter earlier today, Slayr revealed his intention to pursue new opportunities and continue his journey in the anchor role, leaving behind a recent LAN and online pro league performance that has been criticized by many where LG struggled for a majority of the recent Split 1 Playoffs LAN to stay consistent.

The decision comes on the heels of LG’s inconsistent performance in Split 1, where Slayr found himself at the center of much scrutiny. Critics often pointed fingers at him, suggesting that he was the weak link holding the team back. However, amidst the criticism, Slayr’s controller duo, Fuhhnq, emerged as a staunch supporter, hailing him as the most improved player they’ve ever witnessed.

With Slayr’s departure, the newly formed LG roster, featuring fan-favorite and former NRG IGL Sweetdreams alongside the promising controller talent Fuhhnq, is poised to venture into Split 2 of the ALGS Pro League. Slayr hinted that the team has been actively trialing top-tier talent in his spot, signaling their determination to bounce back stronger than ever for Split 2. Slayr also stated that he wasn’t officially “dropped” but didn’t want to wait in the dark with pro league and the roster lock just around the corner.

Speculation runs rampant as to who might fill the coveted third spot on LG’s roster. Among the contenders are two notable free-agent controller players: Koyful, renowned for his exceptional fragging potential, and Knoqd, a former OpTic standout whose versatility could seamlessly slot into the anchor role now vacated by Slayr. There could be a couple of other controller free agents coming onto the market from some of the best teams in the world if rumors turn out to be true…

With Split 2 scrims set to commence on the 13th, time is of the essence for teams to finalize their rosters and hone their strategies. As the dust settles from Slayr’s departure, it marks the beginning of what promises to be a flurry of roster changes across the North American pro league. Each move carries its own significance, but none more so than LG’s bold step to reshape their lineup.

As the community eagerly awaits further announcements and roster reveals, one thing is certain: the competitive landscape of Apex Legends is in for a thrilling shake-up. Amidst it all, we extend our best wishes to Slayr as he embarks on his next chapter, and we eagerly anticipate the unfolding drama of Split 2 in the ALGS. Stay tuned for more updates.

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