Apex 100Thieves Confirm Why They Left ALGS Year 4

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ALGS Partnership

In a sad turn of events, 100 Thieves, one of the most prominent organizations in the competitive gaming scene, has confirmed that their decision to not participate in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 4 is indeed linked to their exclusion from the new ALGS Partner Program recently announced by Electronic Arts (EA).

Over the months and years, several organizations in the Apex Legends community have voiced their concerns about the lack of support from EA, leading to departures from the competitive scene. Today, EA unveiled its partnership with 12 ALGS teams, a move aimed at fostering collaboration and support within the Apex Legends esports ecosystem. However, keen-eyed fans quickly noticed the absence of certain team names, with 100 Thieves being one of the notable omissions.

100T Confirms

While the departure of 100 Thieves from the Apex Legends scene was already known prior to this announcement, a fan took the opportunity to seek clarification on the organization’s decision. The fan inquired, “Is this the reason why 100T doesn’t have an ALGS team this year? They didn’t make it into the partner program?” In response, 100 Thieves’ Senior Manager, Ryan “Marti,” confirmed that the organization’s absence should not be solely attributed to the new partnership structure, stating, “In the current climate (economy + EA), it is unfair to solely dedicate our absence to only that. However, yes, it is a substantial reason behind our absence in Year 4.”

Moving Forward

This revelation sheds light on the multifaceted challenges that esports organizations face, encompassing economic considerations and the evolving dynamics of their relationships with game publishers. The esports landscape is not only shaped by competition and player prowess but also by the behind-the-scenes negotiations and partnerships that organizations navigate.

As fans express disappointment over 100 Thieves’ absence from ALGS Year 4, there remains hope for their return to the Apex Legends competitive arena in the future. The dynamic nature of the esports industry suggests that partnerships and circumstances can change, potentially paving the way for 100 Thieves’ resurgence in Apex Legends or other esports titles.

In the meantime, the community awaits further developments and anticipates the return of 100 Thieves to the realm of competitive gaming, hoping for a future where they can once again showcase their prowess in the fast-paced world of Apex Legends.

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