Apex Pro Team “DOJO” Still Looking for Home in ALGS Year 4

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This is a story of “The DOJO,” one of North America’s most prominent Apex Legends squads, who find themselves in an unexpected position. Despite finishing in 4th place at the World Championship and hosting renowned players like iiTzTimmy, Dezignful, and Enemy, this powerhouse team is still on the hunt for an organization to call home for ALGS Year 4.

The roster of “DOJO” comprises impressive talent. iiTzTimmy, a standout player known for his exceptional skills, consistency, and popular social media presence, is a major highlight. Alongside him, Dezignful and Enemy bring their own unique strengths to the team being some of the strongest controller players in the scene.


With such a strong performance in the World Championship, many expected “DOJO” to secure a spot under a top-tier organization’s banner. The name 100Thieves was on the lips of fans and experts alike, as the organization announced they would be entering the ALGS Year 4 with a new roster after dropping their Year 3 team and had already signed iiTzTimmy and Bronzey, the coach of “DOJO.” It seemed like the perfect match, aligning some of the game’s biggest talents under one roof.

Dezignful on New Org

However, fans and observers were left surprised when, in a recent interview, Dezignful revealed that the team had received multiple offers but was taking their time to evaluate and find the right fit. This revelation highlighted the team’s commitment to making the best decision for their future in professional Apex Legends, emphasizing that success isn’t just about winning tournaments but also having the right support system in place. One month after this interview, fans had still heard no word.

Recently, Dezignful posted on his social media channels that “DOJO” was still searching for an organization to represent in ALGS Year 4. This news rekindled the curiosity of fans who had been eagerly waiting to hear where this remarkable team would land. While it may be surprising to some that a team of their caliber is still on the lookout, it speaks volumes about their dedication to making a decision that will be the most beneficial for their continued success in Apex Legends esports.


The story of “DOJO” serves as a reminder that even in the world of professional gaming, finding the perfect fit can be as crucial as individual skill. Their journey reflects the ever-evolving landscape of esports and the importance of team synergy, trust, and shared values.

As the search continues, fans and the wider esports community eagerly await the announcement of “DOJO’s” next home. Wherever they choose to plant their flag for ALGS Year 4, one thing is certain: this team is on a mission to reach even greater heights, and their journey is one worth following closely.

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