Apex Sentinels & Meat Lovers Looking for New Team after ALGS Year 4 Roster Updates

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In the world of competitive Apex Legends, roster changes are nothing new. It’s a dynamic e-sport where teams constantly seek to improve, adapt, and build squads that can conquer the ever-evolving landscape of the game. Recently, two prominent teams, Sentinels and Meat Lovers, have found themselves at the center of roster turbulence, as they seek new players to fill crucial positions in their lineups.

Sentinels: Rkn’s Search for the Missing Pieces

The Sentinels, a powerhouse in the Apex Legends competitive scene, raised eyebrows when their captain, Rkn, announced on social media that he was on the hunt for two players ahead of the Pro League Qualifiers. This move raises speculation about Rkn’s own status, as the announcement insinuates his absence from ALGS Year 4 Pro League which he had already qualified for with the SEN Pro League spot. The sentiment among fans is that Rkn might be transitioning to a different role or organization entirely.

Meat Lovers: Teq’s Feelings of Betrayal

Meat Lovers, another respected team in the Apex Legends competitive community, has also experienced its share of roster drama. Teq, a player for Meat Lovers, expressed a sense of being “used again” on social media, hinting at dissatisfaction within the team. This discontent likely stems from the departure of their controller player, Zaptoh, who appears to have been poached by a well-established organization.

Zaptoh’s move to a bigger team raises questions about the future of Meat Lovers, as they grapple with the loss of a key player and the challenges of rebuilding their roster… again. It’s not uncommon for e-sports players to seek new opportunities and join organizations that offer them greater exposure and resources. It is important to note however, that this is beyond the first time TeQ has seen himself in this position. Except this time, it could put his pro league spot in jeopardy along with Sentinels.

Rumors of DarkZero: A Potential New Home

Amid the uncertainties surrounding Sentinels and Meat Lovers, rumors have surfaced about potential destinations for some of their former players. Specifically, Zaptoh from Meat Lovers and Koyful from Sentinels have both been linked in rumor to the organization “DarkZero.”

Losing Pro League Spot?

This speculation could have significant implications for the competitive landscape, as it raises the possibility that Sentinels and Meat Lovers might lose their Pro League spots based on league requirements. However, the situation is far from clear-cut. Sources close to the matter suggest that if these teams do lose their Pro League invitations, there may still be hope.

According to insiders, the “evaluation of new rosters” by the League Ops manager, Tab, could play a pivotal role in determining whether they deserve an invite based on the “discretional invites” given out by the ALGS. In other words, if Sentinels and Meat Lovers can build strong lineups that meet the league’s standards, they might be able to regain their coveted Pro League status based upon this additional invite rule.

In the ever-changing world of competitive Apex Legends, teams and players must adapt, evolve, and sometimes make tough decisions. While Sentinels and Meat Lovers navigate their respective roster challenges, the Apex Legends community eagerly awaits the unveiling of their new lineups and anticipates how these changes will impact the future of competitive play in the game.

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