Apex Pro Sweet & Nafen Trial SEN Koyful for ALGS Year 4

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Sweetdreams and Nafen are set for ALGS Year 4, but the final spot on their team is up for grabs. Testing potential teammates, they recently tried DarkZero’s Genburten and Sentinels’ Koyful, each bringing unique strengths.

Genburten’s Trial:

In the first set, Genburten, a standout controller player from APAC South, joined from Australia. Despite high latency challenges, they secured 39 points, tying for 5th place. The scrim was tough as Team League of Legends (Phony, Frexs, Xynew) dominated with 94 points making the score disparity smaller amongst the rest of the teams. It is important to note that you don’t get the full story out of one scrim block, especially during a contest. This team could have certainly had a different outcome without being contested so stay tuned for more updates.

Koyful’s Trial:

The second set last night featured Koyful, another highly anticipated controller player. Placing 6th, the team scored slightly higher at 44 points, suggesting possible better synergy. The competition between the trials raises questions about the duo’s choice for the third teammate. It is also important to note that Sweet & co were once again contested on this set which often tampers the true potential of the squad’s performance. We should see future sets that could tell a more accurate storyline.

Uncertain Future:

As the trials continue, it’s unclear whether Genburten’s international experience or Koyful’s potential synergy will win Sweetdreams and Nafen over. Fans eagerly await their decision as they aim for the perfect roster in ALGS Year 4 which could include either one of these stares or someone else. Stay tuned for the roster announcement.

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