Most Likely Apex Team To JOIN ALGS Pro League from PSQ

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Qualifying to Pro League

In the dynamic world of esports, where the fortunes of teams can change in the blink of an eye. As we approach Pro League Qualifiers for ALGS Year 4, there are many teams in discussion to make it through. Although most of the teams in conversation, Tripods, E8, DIG, and others, should make it with the amount of available spots, today we are highlighting the most likely team to see the Pro League this year.

The E8 Roster

Elev8 Gaming (E8) has emerged as a powerhouse in the PSQ after recently being an underdog caused by lack of performance. As the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 4 Preseason Qualifiers (PSQ) approach, fans are eager to see the results. Comprising the talented trio of Zachmazer, Shooby, and the newest addition Zaptoh, E8’s journey to the brink of the Pro League has been nothing short of remarkable.

Recent Struggles

Before the recent turn of events, E8 found themselves at a low point in the Apex esports scene. Failing to qualify for the Pro League and struggling in scrims, the team was in desperate need of a shake-up. Recognizing the need for change, Zachmazer and Shooby made the tough decision to part ways with Chaotic and welcomed Zaptoh as their new third.

Switch Flipped

Since this pivotal roster change, E8 has undergone a remarkable transformation, defying all expectations. The Preseason Qualifiers Scrims and Pro League scrim sets have become the stage for their resurgence, with the team not just performing well but dominating the competition.

PSQ Scrim Results

In the most recent eight sessions, E8 has averaged an impressive 1.75 placement across all sets, showcasing near perfection. What’s even more remarkable is that they secured victory in four of these sets, consistently placing within the top three all 8 sets. This newfound success is a testament to the chemistry and synergy that Zaptoh brings to the team, elevating their overall performance.

Pro League Scrims

The Pro League scrims, known for their higher intensity and tougher competition, have also seen E8 shine. In the recent eight sets, the team achieved an average finish of 8th place, a significant improvement compared to their previous average of around ~13th. Notably, E8 secured 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishes in some sets, showcasing their ability to compete at a higher level.


While 8th place might not sound extraordinary, it’s crucial to highlight the progress E8 has made, especially considering their challenging journey with the former roster. The team’s ability to consistently break into the top tier of competition speaks volumes about their resilience, adaptability, and commitment to improvement.

PSQ Dates

As the PSQ approaches in just a few weeks, E8 stands as the most likely team to secure a spot in the ALGS Year 4 Pro League. Their recent performance surge, coupled with the positive atmosphere brought by Zaptoh, positions them as formidable contenders ready to make a statement in the professional Apex Legends scene. The four online Preseason Qualifier tournaments will be powered by Battlefy and take place on November 25-27December 2-4December 9-11, and December 16-18, 2023. Not only will the winner of each make it, but there will also be extra spots for most points accumulated so your favorite teams in question will have their opportunity.

In the unpredictable landscape of esports, E8’s story serves as an inspiring example of how dedication, strategic decision-making, and the right roster changes can turn the tides for any team. All eyes will be on Elev8 Gaming as they embark on the next chapter of their journey, aiming to solidify their place among the elite in the ALGS Year 4 Pro League.


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