Apex Legends World Champion Sharky Makes Sensational Return to ALGS

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In a surprising turn of events, Apex Legends fans witnessed the triumphant return of the seasoned professional player, Sharky, to the competitive scene after his retirement following the ALGS Year 2 Championship victory under the DarkZero banner. Sharky, who hails from the APAC South division, had previously dominated alongside his teammates Zer0 and Genburten, securing the coveted title. However, the Apex Pro community was left saddened as Sharky announced his decision to step away from the competitive scene, leaving fans and fellow players wondering if they had seen the last of the Apex Legends World Champion.

Sharky Leaves


Breaking the silence surrounding his hiatus, Sharky has peaked his head back into the limelight with a comeback. The seasoned player has been testing his skills in the Preseason Qualifiers (PSQ) alongside teammates LowKey and Killoposz, competing under the moniker “Tom Yung Kangaroo.” The trio showcased their talent and determination as they battled their way through the PSQ, setting the stage for Sharky’s highly anticipated return to the APAC South Pro League.

The APAC South PSQ #2 Finals marked a crucial moment in Sharky’s comeback journey. The former world champion demonstrated his prowess once again, securing an impressive 2nd place finish. The fierce competition witnessed some exhilarating moments, and Sharky’s performance nearly solidified his return to the Pro League. However, it was the formidable team “MnK” with players Wen7, Boring, and Bear who emerged victorious, securing their spot in the Pro League.

The Future

Despite falling short in the PSQ #2 Finals, Sharky’s remarkable performance indicates that he is on the cusp of reclaiming his spot in the APAC South Pro League. With his unparalleled skills and experience, the former World Champion appears destined for another shot at glory. The question now looms large in the minds of Apex Legends enthusiasts: can Sharky replicate his past success and etch his name in the history books once again?

As the Apex Legends Global Series unfolds, fans are eagerly anticipating Sharky’s journey back to the top. The stage is set for a remarkable comeback, and only time will reveal whether the former World Champion can indeed repeat history. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates as Sharky embarks on his quest for redemption in the APAC South Pro League. The Apex Legends community is brimming with anticipation, eager to witness the return of a legend.

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