Apex Team Drop In Gaming Announce New 3rd For ALGS Year 4

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New Team

In a turn of events, Drop In Gaming (DIG) has recently announced their new Apex Legends roster for the upcoming ALGS Year 4. This announcement comes in the wake of the departure of the Orioles, who have moved on to play with RKN and Xenial.

Taking to the digital arena on X (formerly Twitter), DIG Stuhni (one of their players) revealed that they would be charting their course forward with the inclusion of a seasoned player, Karma, for the Preseason Qualifier (PSQ) – the gateway to the highly competitive Pro League. This concludes Karma (aka Jaeyeon), Crook, & Stuhni for their ALGS Year 4 Roster.

Karma / Jaeyeon

Karma, a player with an extensive background and a wealth of experience in the Apex Legends scene, is expected to bring a new dimension to the DIG lineup. His inclusion is seen as a strategic move by the organization, signaling their commitment to competing at the highest level in ALGS Year 4.

The decision to bring in Karma reflects not only the player’s individual skill but also the respect he commands within the gaming community. Known for his exceptional capabilities in Apex Legends, Karma has built a reputation as a player who can make a significant impact on any team.

As the community eagerly awaits the upcoming Preseason Qualifier, all eyes will be on DIG and their new lineup. The synergy between team members, communication, and adaptability will be crucial factors that determine their success in the fiercely competitive world of professional Apex Legends.


The departure of the Orioles, who had been a familiar presence on the DIG roster, has undoubtedly left a void. However, the introduction of Karma injects fresh energy into the team and raises expectations for what they can achieve in ALGS Year 4.

As the saying goes, “time will tell,” and the gaming community is poised on the edge of anticipation to witness how DIG, with Karma leading the charge, will perform in the upcoming competitions. Will they secure their spot in the Pro League, or will they face challenges that test their resilience and adaptability? Only time and the unfolding chapters of ALGS Year 4 will reveal the answers. One thing is for sure – the stage is set for an exciting journey ahead for Drop In Gaming and their revamped Apex Legends roster.

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