Apex Team Eternal Win ALGS Challenger Circuit #4

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In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Team Eternal emerged victorious in the ALGS Challenger Circuit #4, cementing their place in the upcoming Split 1 Pro League Qualifiers (PLQ). Comprising Viz, Sang, and THaless, Eternal showcased what competitive Apex is all about throughout the tournament, culminating in a stellar performance.

The final day of the Challenger Circuit #4 saw Team Eternal deliver a commanding display, accumulating an impressive 68 points and securing 34 total kills. Their consistency and strategic gameplay propelled them to the summit of the leaderboard, where they clinched the coveted first-place position and automatic qualification for the Split 1 PLQ.

However, the path to victory was fraught with challenges as other top-tier teams vied for supremacy. Notable among them was Team WEAVE, whose formidable performance earned them a well-deserved second-place finish, falling short of the top spot by just one point. Additionally, Albralelie and the STALLIONS could not be overlooked as they secured a commendable third-place finish with 60 points.

CC #4 Leaderboard

With the conclusion of the ALGS Challenger Circuit #4, the qualifiers for Split 2 of year 4 have drawn to a close. Teams from across the globe have showcased their talent and dedication, striving for the opportunity to compete at the highest level of Apex Legends esports. For Team Eternal, their triumph in Challenger Circuit #4 signifies not only their skill but also their readiness to take on the challenges of the Pro League. Congrats to all in the top 22 for qualifying for PLQ.

Split 1 Challenger Circuit Overall

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