Apex Team PULVERX Announces ALGS Year 4 Roster

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The Future Is PULVERX

PULVERX, also known as PVX, recently revealed their revamped roster for the highly anticipated ALGS Year 4 season, which surprised the Apex Legends community. Recently, they decided to part ways with longtime players saku and ShunMi, sparking speculation about their future.

The Roster

PVX confirmed the rumors by introducing their new lineup, set to be a strong force in the APAC North region. The core of the new squad includes the skilled Ftyan, a consistent presence and a cornerstone of the team’s competitive aspirations, UmichanLoveti, HammerDrill, Coach Kameneko, and analyst hrk.

Ftyan Stays Strong:

PULVERX’s core member, Ftyan, remains an integral part of the squad, offering consistent gameplay and strategic prowess that has contributed to the team’s past successes.

UmichanLoveti Joins the Fray:

UmichanLoveti, a seasoned Apex Legends player from FNATIC, now dons the PVX jersey. With a strong competitive track record, his experience and adaptability will be invaluable to the team.

HammerDrill Completes the Trio:

HammerDrill, who arrives from FC Destroy, brings his exceptional mechanical skills and game sense to the PVX lineup. His competitive experience and impressive gameplay are set to push PVX to new heights.

Coach Kameneko & Analyst hrk

Coaching positions often get overlooked in Apex Legends esports. We have seen teams succeed greatly with new powerful coaches however. TSM’s Raven proves a great coach is important and it’s great to see PVX taking the same route of investing in coaches and analysts.

PULVERX’s decision to form this powerful trio of players signals their ambition to become a dominant force in the highly competitive APAC North region, and their journey in the ALGS Year 4 season is eagerly awaited by the Apex Legends community.

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