Apex Team E8 Roster Change for ALGS Year 4

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Roster Change

In an unexpected move, the E8 esports team is shaking up its roster as they prepare for ALGS Year 4. This shift comes after Chaoticmuch revealed on Twitter that Zachmazer and Shooby decided to look for someone else to fulfill his role due to communication issues, surprising fans and the esports community.

Zach, Shooby, Chaotic

Zachmazer and Shooby are key players for the E8 roster. The removal of Chaotic is a big one to say the least as he played a key role in the rosters identity for Year 3. Not seeing success however has poised the team to make changes as we approach ALGS Year 4.

New 3rd?

E8 now faces the task of finding a new third player to fit into their competitive lineup, with the community eagerly anticipating the newcomer’s impact. Simultaneously, fans are keen to see where Chaoticmuch will land in the competitive Apex Legends scene, as his talents make him still attractive prospects for other teams looking.

In a nutshell, the sudden E8 roster changes have taken the Apex Legends esports community by surprise, and as ALGS Year 4 approaches, all eyes are on how these players and teams will adapt and strive for success in the Apex Games.

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