Apex TSM Manager’s Take on Nickmercs Team “Tripods” in ALGS Year 4

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In the world of Apex Legends, competitive gaming takes center stage in the form of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS). Recently, Nickmercs and his team, “Tripods,” have faced criticism for their ALGS performance correlating to the likelihood that they may still be invited to pro league. The recent announcement by ALGS regarding pro league invites has stirred the pot, leading to debates and speculations.

ALGS revealed that they would issue pro league invites at their discretion, prompting discussions about which teams might receive these invitations. Among the candidates being mentioned are Tripods and E8, sparking debates on whether underperforming teams should be considered.


TSM Manager MinusTempo, a respected figure in the esports world, has weighed in with a different perspective. He believes that Tripods deserve more credit than they currently receive. According to Tempo, the team has been putting in significant practice, both online and offline, to improve their performance in ALGS events.

Tempo’s optimism extends to the belief that Nickmercs and Tripods have a good chance of securing a spot in the NA Pro League for ALGS Year 4 with these mysterious invites. This belief is not only because of the popularity of the Tripods but also grounded in the team’s recent showings in ALGS scrims, where they’ve held their own against established teams and even pressured them into making concessions.

One standout incident involved a clash with E8, resulting in E8 forfeiting their drop spot along with the news that Moist Esports would be joining NA and also contesting there. These results underline Tripods’ potential to compete at the highest level along with some of the recent oversight scrims.


While opinions about Nickmercs and Tripods may vary, the team’s dedication and improvement are undeniable. The competitive esports scene is dynamic, with teams and players continually adapting and evolving.

In the end, ALGS is all about the best facing off against the best, and the journey is filled with intense competition and exciting gameplay. Whether or not Tripods secure a place in ALGS Year 4 Pro League remains to be seen, and fans are eagerly awaiting the official announcements to see which teams will continue their competitive journey in the world of Apex Legends.

Should Tripods be invited to Split 1 Pro League?

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