Top Teams to Watch at ALGS Split 1 Playoffs LAN in Los Angeles

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As the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs LAN in Los Angeles draws near, anticipation and excitement are at an all-time high. With teams from across the globe gearing up to showcase their skills on the grand stage, the competition promises to be fierce. Let’s take a closer look at the top teams from each region poised to make their mark on the battlefield.

DarkZero (North America)

DarkZero needs no introduction. With a track record spanning over the past two years and a dominant performance in this year’s pro league, they have firmly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Their combination of unparalleled game knowledge from Zer0 and killing power from Genburten and Sikezz makes them the team to beat in the tournament.

Not Moist” Esports (North America)

Formerly hailing from APAC South, “Not Moist” Esports has made waves in North America since their transition. Consistent throughout the season, they have proven themselves to be a formidable opponent both online and on LAN. With a hunger for Wxltzy and Emtee to prove themselves in their new region, they are poised to make a statement in the playoffs.

Aurora (EMEA)

Aurora enters the playoffs with a point to prove. Following a record-breaking Split 1, they are eager to demonstrate their ability to thrive in a LAN environment. The addition of Hardecki to their roster has bolstered their already formidable lineup, making them a force to be reckoned with in every engagement playing their off-meta Lifeline team composition.


FNATIC has long been a dominant force on LAN. While they may not adopt the same aggressive playstyle as some of their counterparts, their deep understanding of the game and consistent performance in end games set them apart. With the ability to secure kills when they matter most, YukaF, satuki, and Lykq are formidable opponents for any team.

Wonton Dumpling (APAC South)

Although relatively unknown to the average ALGS fan, Wonton Dumpling has been making waves in APAC South. Finishing first in their region overall and showcasing impressive performances in the regional finals, they have proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. If they can find their footing on LAN, they have the potential to emerge as a dominant force in the tournament.

As the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs LAN approaches, all eyes will be on these top teams from each region. With their skills honed and determination at its peak, they are ready to battle it out for supremacy on the global stage. Only time will tell who will emerge victorious, but one thing is certain – the competition is sure to be intense.


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