Apex Pro’s Sad Truth About Leaving APAC South for NA in ALGS Year 4

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The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) has been celebrated for its diverse player base, with multiple regions representing the global talent pool. However, recent changes have left fans and players lamenting the shift away from this diversity, particularly the removal of the South American Pro League and the restructuring of the APAC region. While this move has brought some benefits, such as increased LAN spots for some regions, it has also highlighted the heavy advantage that North America (NA) holds in the competitive scene.


One significant development that underscored this shift was when Moist Esports, a prominent team in the APAC South region, made the decision to move to North America. This move was met with excitement from fans who anticipated intense matchups. However, behind this enthusiasm lies a somber truth about why they felt the need to make such a significant change.


Recently, one of Moist Esports’ players, Wxltzy, took to social media to shed light on the real reasons behind their decision. In a tweet, he explained, “For everyone wondering why we made this decision. NA has better viewership, more 3rd party tournaments, a bigger talent pool for us to finally find our permanent 3rd, and most importantly is the toughest region, which means better practice for LAN.” This candid statement unveils the unignorable allure of North America for esports teams.


It is disheartening to witness many regions losing out on the advantages that North America offers. While each region brings its unique flavor to ALGS, the concentration of opportunities and resources in NA is undeniable. The superior viewership, a plethora of third-party tournaments, and a vast talent pool make it a hub for esports. Moreover, the fierce competition in North America serves as excellent training for LAN events, preparing teams to perform at their best on the global stage.


However, this shift does not only highlight the disparities in opportunities but also intensifies the competition at LAN events. The different regions coming together with varied experiences and backgrounds create a rich and competitive atmosphere. While some may argue that a diverse player base is integral to the spirit of ALGS, others believe that this concentration of talent in North America can raise the overall competitive level of the tournament.

In the end, the sad truth is that the allure of North America for Apex Legends esports teams is undeniable. While it may lead to tensions at LAN events for region representation, it also contributes to the creation of a fiercely competitive atmosphere. As ALGS Year 4 unfolds, it remains to be seen whether the changes will enhance the global competition or if the community will continue to mourn the loss of regional diversity.

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