Apex Pros NOT HAPPY After Respawn’s Explanation for NOT BANNING Ranked Abusers

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The Apex Legends community, including fans and professional players, is in an uproar over Respawn Entertainment’s response to ranked abusers. The game’s ranked system has gone through frequent overhauls, leaving players bewildered as ranked reflects the competitive state of the game also known as the ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) . Abusers have discovered a strategy that involves avoiding combat entirely and still reaching high ranks. This goes against the game’s essence and frustrates ALGS pros and coaches who seek a competitive experience.


A pro player, Apex Pro Shooby, exposed an offender named “Icarus_Official” (this user has changed his name to “Douyu BigBoSsFps”) on Twitter , hoping for a strong response from Respawn. With pro coach for team FURIA “PVPx” responding to it and tagging Apex Legends Security team member “HIDEOUTS”, many expected the player to face consequences. However, Hideouts declared that this non-combat strategy was “not an exploit.” This led to widespread disagreement among the community, centered around the interpretation of the term “exploit.”


The crux of the debate seems to hinge on the interpretation of what constitutes an “exploit.” The term “exploit” typically refers to making full use of and deriving benefit from a resource. Under this definition, it’s not unreasonable to consider the ranked playstyle in question as an exploit. However, the term “exploit” can take on various meanings within different gaming communities and contexts.

Shooby also noted that “Note: every single game he has 0 KP, and getting static positives, for example At least one of these games should have been a 102 or a 56 or a 155 if he had any type of Kill points.”

The controversy highlights a deeper concern about fairness and integrity in competitive gaming. The definition of what constitutes fair play in Apex Legends remains a subject of debate, emphasizing the need for ongoing discussions to maintain the game’s competitive integrity.

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