Fans Confused as Apex Pro TeQ “Not Invited” to ALGS Pro League

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In a surprising turn of events, the Apex Legends professional team, MEAT LOVERS, recently revealed on X (formerly Twitter) that they did not receive an invitation to the ALGS Split 1 NA Pro League. This announcement has raised eyebrows in the community, as many expected MEAT LOVERS to be on the list of invited teams, particularly after the ALGS hinted at discretionary invites.


MEAT LOVERS player Teq expressed disappointment on Twitter, vowing to push through the qualifiers. Fans remain confident in their team’s abilities but are puzzled by the lack of transparency surrounding the invite process. The league ops manager’s mention of a “first wave” of invites has left the community speculating about future invites, potentially including MEAT LOVERS.

The situation is compounded by the possibility of other teams, like Tripods and E8, receiving invites despite not initially qualifying. The Apex Legends community questions whether the deserving MEAT LOVERS should receive the same courtesy.


In essence, MEAT LOVERS’ exclusion from the initial Pro League invite list raises questions about the ALGS’s selection process and leaves the team and its fans in anticipation. Regardless, fans believe in their ability to still qualify through the pro-league qualifiers open bracket. We’ll continue to monitor this evolving story and keep you informed on any developments.


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