Apex Orgs Potentially To REJOIN ALGS Amidst Backlash

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In a surprising turn of events amidst the uncertainty and disappointment, there are glimmers of hope on the horizon for ALGS. EMEA team organization Horizon Union has decided to step away from the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS). This move comes as a direct response to the growing backlash against Electronic Arts (EA), with players and fans alike expressing their dissatisfaction over what they perceive as a lack of support for team organizations within the competitive Apex Legends scene.



One of the key voices in this ongoing conversation is Minus Tempo, who recently shared an optimistic perspective on the situation. According to Minus Tempo, EA seems to have recognized the need to provide greater support to the organizations participating in ALGS. This statement has sparked intrigue and anticipation among Apex Legends enthusiasts, as it suggests that positive changes may be on the horizon.

Another significant figure in the Apex Pro scene, Rambeau of Native Gaming, chimed in with his own hopeful message for the future of ALGS. Rambeau expressed his excitement and urged fans to exercise patience, emphasizing that “great things are coming.” These encouraging words have left fans eager to see what unfolds in the coming months.


The recent announcement of ALGS Year 4 by Apex only added to the intrigue. In response to this news, former ALGS organization Spacestation Gaming (SSG) posted a cryptic GIF that piqued the interest of fans. SSG had previously hinted that a return to ALGS was not out of the question if EA demonstrated a more substantial commitment to supporting teams. With this latest hint, speculation is running high as to whether SSG and other departed organizations might be considering a comeback.

In a recent livestream, Apex Pro player “Sweet” (formerly of NRG) provided further insight into the situation. Despite the recent wave of org departures, Sweet revealed that there is a surprising level of interest from new organizations looking to enter the world of Apex Legends esports. This revelation has raised hopes that discussions and negotiations may be taking place behind closed doors, potentially leading to a brighter future for the competitive scene.

While the departure of Horizon Union from ALGS may have initially cast a shadow over the competitive Apex Legends community, the optimism expressed by Minus Tempo, Rambeau, and others, coupled with the hints dropped by SSG and the influx of interested organizations, suggests that change is afoot. Fans of the game are cautiously hopeful that EA will take proactive steps to address the concerns of teams and players alike, ushering in a new era of support and growth for ALGS. The road ahead may still be uncertain, but the resilience and dedication of the Apex Legends community remain unwavering.

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