EA May FINALLY Look to SUPPORT ALGS Organizations for Apex

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In the world of competitive gaming, Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) has carved its own niche as a battle royale esport. However, recent years have seen a growing frustration among fans, players, and team organizations due to the perceived lack of support from Electronic Arts (EA). Many prominent organizations, including NRG, G2, Cloud 9, SSG, and Liquid, have departed from the scene, citing this absence of support as their primary reason.


The esports community has been abuzz with speculation recently, as cryptic Twitter posts from influencers and professional players alluded to “things getting better” and “good news coming.” While these posts provided no concrete details, they left the community curious and eager for answers.


A glimmer of hope recently emerged when the player manager for the reigning ALGS Year 3 champions, TSM, addressed the issue during a live stream. He shed some light on ALGS invitations to the pro league, hinting at a potential “partnership between EA and certain team organizations.” He suggested that if such a partnership were to materialize, EA might allocate invites to those partner organizations.

It’s important to note that these revelations remain in the realm of rumor and hearsay for now, and people are unsure if this implementation will be ready for ALGS Year 4. However, they offer a ray of hope to a community that has long yearned for increased support from the publisher. MinusTempo, expressed days ago that “EA realizes maybe they should be doing a little more to help,” indicating a potential shift in the company’s stance.

Fans of the ALGS are growing increasingly optimistic about the future of the competitive scene, and the rumors circulating on social media have fueled their enthusiasm after the ALGS Year 4 Schedule was announced. While specifics remain uncertain, it appears that the veil of mystery surrounding EA’s involvement with ALGS is slowly being lifted.

In the ever-evolving landscape of esports, where the success of leagues often hinges on publisher support, the potential partnership between EA and ALGS organizations could signify a turning point. As the community eagerly awaits official announcements and confirmation of these rumors, one thing is clear: the future of ALGS is looking brighter than ever, and fans are poised to stay tuned for further developments.

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