Apex Team Vexed Shutting Down Before ALGS Year 4

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The End of Vexed

In a shocking turn of events, the EMEA ALGS organization Vexed has announced its sudden closure just before the commencement of ALGS Year 4. The unexpected shutdown has left the Vexed roster, featuring prominent players Matafe, unlucky, and KIND4, in a desperate search for a new organization with the action set to start in just one day.

The news came to light when Matafe, one of the key players in the Vexed roster, took to Twitter to share the unfortunate turn of events. In his tweet, Matafe expressed his intentions to make a Looking For Org (LFO) post soon, signaling the urgency of the situation. The unexpected dissolution of Vexed has caught many off guard, especially considering the timing just before the commencement of ALGS Year 4.


Make no mistake, this roster is still a golden opportunity for organizations looking to break in the scene. Recently team Aurora hosted a $10,000 prize pool tournament in which Vexed was able to take home an impressive 4th place in. This roster no longer having a home is by no means a reflection of their capabilities.

Dan & Steve

Adding to the somber tone, the management duo of Dan and Steve, who were widely credited for Vexed’s success, confirmed the end of an era for the organization. Fans had long admired the managerial prowess of Dan and Steve, attributing much of the team’s achievements to their leadership. The closure of Vexed marks not only the end of a successful organization but also the disbandment of a roster that had established itself as one of EMEA’s finest.

The abrupt nature of the event has left the Vexed roster with minimal time to find a new organization to represent in the upcoming ALGS events. The competitive landscape in the gaming industry is intense, and securing a new organization on such short notice can be a challenging task. The players, including Matafe, unlucky, and KIND4, are now faced with the daunting challenge of navigating the esports market to secure a new home.

As the esports community reacts to this unforeseen development, messages of support and encouragement have poured in for the Vexed roster. Fans and fellow players alike express their sympathy for the players and wish them the best in finding a new organization swiftly. EMEA has already faced massive challenges with the overall health of it’s existence and we hope there are better days ahead for them.

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