Apex Pro Falsely Banned Just Before ALGS Pro League

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The Bans

In recent days, the Apex Legends community has been buzzing with talk about unexplained player bans, causing players to question the reliability of the game’s anti-cheat system. The controversy began when “Denzaay,” a dedicated day-one player and ALGS Pro, shared his frustration after being banned without any apparent reason. Denzaay, who has invested significant time and effort into Apex Legends, reported the ban without any accompanying evidence or explanation for the alleged wrongdoing.

Denzaay’s Response

Denzaay took to social media to express his dismay at the sudden ban, prompting a groundswell of support from the community. Despite his reputation and dedication to the game, Denzaay’s ban was eventually overturned after a community-driven effort to prove his innocence. However, this incident appears to be just the beginning.

More False Ban Claims

Following Denzaay’s false ban, more members of the Apex Legends community, including “Cy,” reported a similar experience. Cy, who was on the verge of “starting a live stream from the firing range”, received a ban and then an email alleging cheating activities and an immediate ban. Much like Denzaay, Cy vehemently denied any wrongdoing and joined the growing number of players expressing concern about what seems to be an increasing trend of false bans.

Apex experienced pro from South America, “keep starr” also reported a false ban near the same time. He claimed he also was given zero reason for the ban, a similar sentiment that the others shared as well.

Community Concerns

The growing number of these reports has led to a groundswell of concern within the Apex Legends community regarding the reliability of the game’s anti-cheat system. Players, regardless of their level of competitiveness, have been vocal about their worry that false bans are becoming more common. While some players with larger followings have managed to expedite the resolution process with community support, others may not be as fortunate, facing potentially prolonged waits for their cases to be reviewed.

Awaiting Respawn’s Response

As the number of reported false bans continues to climb, the Apex Legends community is eagerly anticipating a response from Respawn Entertainment, especially those who are innocent. The developers’ reaction to these concerns is crucial to maintaining the integrity of competitive play and ensuring a positive experience for all players. Players are hopeful for transparency and a resolution from Respawn, addressing the issues raised by affected players.

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