Apex New Big Roster For ms in EMEA Region for ALGS Year 4

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Team Nessy

In a thrilling turn of events in the world of Apex Legends esports, Team Nessy, one of the prominent professional teams in EMEA that made its return this year, has made a significant addition to their roster. The team, which has already been a strong contender in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) for the EMEA region, recently announced the signing of Tyler “TylerFPS” as their third player, marking a new chapter in their journey towards glory in Year 4. They have also said they are still looking for one more to add to the team for a coaching slot.


TylerFPS, a well-known name in the Apex Legends community, recently parted ways with the Element 6 roster, leaving many fans speculating about his next move. The news of his joining Team Nessy comes as a welcome surprise to enthusiasts who have been closely following his career.

Team Nessy’s lineup now boasts a formidable trio of talent. Alongside Tyler FPS, they already have the exceptional duo of Graceful and Jmw, making this roster a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming ALGS Year 4 for the EMEA region.

ALGS Year 4

As the Apex Legends competitive scene continues to evolve, securing top-tier talent becomes crucial for any team aspiring to claim the championship title. Team Nessy’s decision to add Tyler FPS to their roster is not only a testament to their dedication but also an exciting development for fans eager to see how this new trio will perform in ALGS Year 4.

They are now looking for an organization to represent:

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