Apex Legends Esports Faces Scam Scandal

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The Apex Legends competitive scene is in turmoil as allegations of non-payment and an owner’s abrupt disappearance rock the “NOXIOUS” (NXS) organization. This shocking incident reveals the darker side of the esports community and its struggles.


Reports surfaced on social media that NOXIOUS failed to pay its tournament competitors, sparking outrage among players and fans. NOXIOUS attempted to explain on Twitter, revealing that its own member (possible owner or partial owner), “Slinky,” had left the organization after transferring all tournament funds to his personal account. Slinky then deactivated his Twitter, leaving players bewildered and angered.


This incident underscores the need for greater transparency and ethical conduct within competitive gaming. While it is not representative of the entire industry, it highlights the challenges that need to be addressed.

The Apex Legends community should support affected players and advocate for a more professional, accountable, and transparent competitive scene. By learning from this episode, the community can continue to grow and thrive while maintaining the values of fair competition and integrity.

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