Apex Invites New Teams into ALGS Year 4 Pro League

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In the world of competitive Apex Legends, intrigue and excitement have once again taken center stage as Zach Conely, better known as “Tab,” the League Ops Manager for the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), sent the community abuzz with yet another cryptic message. The latest tweet from Tab insinuated that the highly anticipated second wave of pro league invites for ALGS Year 4 may have already found their way into the inboxes of some elite players.


What added an extra layer of intrigue to this unfolding story was the surprising revelation from Teq, a prominent pro player who had previously expressed disappointment about not receiving an initial pro league invite. Teq made a stunning announcement, revealing that they had been invited during the second wave. This unexpected turn of events quickly stirred conversations and excitement within the community. Teq’s inclusion could potentially change the landscape of the ALGS Year 4 competition.

Tripods & E8

However, fans have also been curious about the Pro League invite status for prominent names in the scene like Tripods featuring Nickmercs, Deeds, Gent, and also teams like E8 featuring Zachmazer, Chaotic, and Shooby.


Currently we were able to confirm the sad news for E8 fans that E8 has indeed not been invited as of now. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not possible for them to still get invited, not all the invites have been revealed. Considering these invites were based off of discretion, it is possible they were not all sent at the same time. More time may be required for full determination.


Although it is expected by many for the Tripods to be invited, none of the players have confirmed their invitation as of yet.


Multiple prominent names in the EMEA region have also confirmed their invite for the pro league, one being recently announced roster team Nessy featuring Graceful, TylerFPS, and JMW. To add along with this, popular Apex female figure, that has played a significant role in laying foundations for women in eSports, known as “Sabz” has also revealed her invite into the Pro League.

Along with Sabz’s squad and Graceful’s squad, team GREGGS have also announced their invite to prolly consisting of noiises, SirDel, and BRYNN.


For now, the Apex Legends community eagerly awaits further communication from Tab and the ALGS team regarding the full list of players and teams who have secured their spots in the pro league. Until the details are revealed, the suspense and anticipation surrounding the second wave of invites will undoubtedly keep fans and players on the edge of their seats.

The Apex Legends Global Series Year 4 promises to be an action-packed season filled with thrilling battles, unexpected twists, and unforgettable moments. As Tab’s mystic messages continue to pique the community’s curiosity, one thing is clear: the competitive Apex Legends scene is as exciting as ever, with surprises and drama unfolding at every turn. Stay tuned for further updates as the journey through ALGS Year 4 takes its exhilarating course.

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