Respawn Announces Apex Season 19 Ranked CHANGES

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As Apex Legends enthusiasts eagerly await the advent of Season 19, Respawn Entertainment has released a set of eagerly anticipated changes to the game’s Ranked mode. These modifications, shared on Reddit under the title “TLDR Next Steps,” have generated a buzz of excitement throughout the Apex community. Let’s delve into the key highlights of these forthcoming adjustments.

1. More Bonuses

One of the most prominent changes in Season 19’s Ranked mode is the introduction of more bonuses for players who perform exceptionally well. These bonuses are set to reward skillful gameplay and will undoubtedly make the ranked experience more gratifying.

Respawn said “Following a number of backend modifications to matchmaking, matches now feel too sweaty. We’ll be increasing the amount of Rating Bonus given to players’ ranking to help them catch up to their skill bracket more quickly.

We also plan to reduce the bonus that is withheld when players are actively pushing against their skill ceiling. This is intended to combat the current season’s (Resurrection) settings of withholding bonuses and increasing matchmaking difficulty. As withheld bonuses are eased, some players will begin to see slightly more bonuses following Season 19’s launch.”

2. Less LP Drop After Provisionals

Respawn Entertainment has recognized the need for a fairer system when it comes to LP (League Points) drops after provisionals. The forthcoming season will bring a reduction in the LP lost during provisional matches, providing a more balanced and rewarding experience for all players. This change is expected to alleviate some of the frustrations players have faced when starting their ranked journey.

Respawn said “For provisional results, we’re adjusting tuning to land players closer to the expected statistical 1.5 tier drop at the end of their 10 provisional games.”

3. No Premade Rank Restrictions

Perhaps one of the most significant changes for Apex Legends Season 19 is the removal of premade rank restrictions. This adjustment allows players to team up with friends and squadmates of any rank, offering a more flexible and inclusive ranked experience. The removal of these restrictions is expected to create a more harmonious environment for players who want to enjoy ranked play with friends, regardless of their individual skill levels.

Respawn said “After narrowing the delta between premade vs solo balances, we’ll be removing the ranking difference restrictions for 3 stack premades. Players will now be able to play with friends no matter where they are on their climbs—with the caveat that your squad will face more difficult battles if there’s a bigger discrepancy between your skill.”

Some players and fans seem to like these changes and others see real issues with these changes. Some like “TeQ” from MEAT LOVERS show that maybe some could see this as a “W CHANGE” to be able to play with your teammates despite your rank:

Others however like “PVPx” from FURIA see that this could propose problems with cheaters ruining high ranked lobbies in the future:

The Conclusion

Respawn’s decision to implement these changes reflects their dedication to ensuring that the ranked experience in Apex Legends remains fair, enjoyable, and engaging for all players. These modifications aim to provide more opportunities for skilled players to shine, reduce the sting of LP losses during provisionals, and foster a more inclusive atmosphere by allowing friends to play together without restrictions.

As Season 19 approaches, these changes are poised to reshape the way players experience Ranked mode in Apex Legends. The community’s anticipation is building, and these alterations promise to enhance the competitive aspect of the game further. Apex Legends Season 19 is shaping up to be a thrilling journey for all players, from seasoned veterans to those taking their first steps in the ranked arena.


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