Apex Teams Joining ALGS Year 4 Pro League after PSQ 2

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As the dust settles on an intense week of competition, the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Pro League for Split 1 is shaping up with some formidable contenders. Teams from various regions battled it out in the Playoff Qualifiers, and only the best secured their spot in the prestigious Pro League. Let’s take a closer look at the triumphant squads from each region.

North America (NA): GKS

The NA region witnessed the rise of GKS, a powerhouse team featuring the talented trio of Sauceror, ChoaticMuch, and SleepyPanda. This dynamic squad showcased exceptional skill and teamwork, earning their place in the ALGS Pro League. With seasoned players leading the charge, GKS is poised to make waves in the upcoming split.

EMEA: Team “Passion”

In the European, Middle Eastern, and African (EMEA) region, Team “Passion” emerged as the victorious force. Comprising the skilled players ZeroNothing, Denzaay, and YeQiu, Team Passion displayed a perfect blend of strategy and individual prowess. Their qualification marks the beginning of an exciting journey in the ALGS Pro League, where they’ll face off against other top-tier teams.


The battle-tested squad YOKOYARI triumphed in the Asia-Pacific North (APAC North) region. The team, consisting of wayachang, Datch, and ちこちゃん (@ticod11 on X), showcased exceptional gameplay and strategic brilliance. As they step into the Pro League arena, YOKOYARI is poised to bring their unique flair to the competition and vie for the top spot.

APAC South: Team “MnK”

In the Asia-Pacific South (APAC South) region, Team “MnK” emerged as the victors, earning their coveted spot in the ALGS Pro League. The team, featuring the skilled players bobo2157, Bear, and Wen7, demonstrated resilience and strategic acumen. As they prepare to face off against the best in the region, Team MnK is undoubtedly a squad to watch in Split 1.

Congratulations to all the qualified squads for securing their place in the ALGS Pro League for Year 4 Split 1. The upcoming season promises intense battles, high-stakes moments, and, undoubtedly, breathtaking displays of skill. As these teams embark on their Pro League journey, fans eagerly await the exciting matchups and storylines that will unfold in the quest for Apex Legends supremacy.

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