Apex Pro Snip3down Stripped of ALGS Year 4 Pro League Spot

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In a shocking turn of events, the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) community was left in disbelief as Eric “Snip3down” Wrona from FaZe Clan found himself ousted from his Pro League spot in ALGS Year 4. The unexpected twist comes in the wake of apparent roster confusion and allegations of rulebook loopholes, leaving fans and fellow players curious about the events unfolding behind the scenes.


The rules governing the retention of a Pro League spot in ALGS dictate that a roster must maintain at least 2/3 of its players. The substitution can be considered, but the coach is ineligible for this count. In the case of a one-half split, where one player and one sub remain against the other two players, the captain serves as the tiebreaker.

Snip3down, believing he adhered to these rules after receiving email confirmation, later discovered that a “vote” had taken place to determine a new captain for the team. This unexpected twist led to Snip3down losing his role as captain, with the decision seemingly orchestrated behind closed doors.

What Happened

According to Snip3down, neither he nor the substitute player, “Slurpee,” were involved in this mysterious vote. This left fans pointing fingers at the other two players, Phony and Frexs, with even fellow pros like “TeQ” expressing skepticism, stating, “nah phony really be a phony 💯.” Phony added fuel to the fire by responding with a now-deleted gif captioned, “I am the captain now.”

Snip3down urged his fans not to jump to conclusions and sought further clarification. In a recent post, he shed light on the unfortunate timeline of events. Snip3down explained that on the 16th, he believed that, as long as the roster remained intact for the next Pro League, their spot was secure. However, two days later, on the 18th, Slurpee requested to leave the roster on Battlefy, citing issues with his account and the intention to explore opportunities with other teams for PSQ and future events.

As this unfolded, an email was sent by other parties requesting a captain transfer. Due to a vote by 2/3 of the active Battlefy roster, Snip3down was stripped of his captaincy as per the rules, leaving him removed from the ALGS/FaZe team discord and in the dark about the developments within the team.

The Future

Snip3down’s primary concern voiced in his post was the lack of communication and information about the events transpiring behind closed doors. The sudden loss of his Pro League spot has forced him into a last-minute adjustment to strategize for ALGS Year 4. As the community eagerly awaits further developments, Snip3down’s journey in ALGS remains uncertain. Stay tuned for updates on this evolving story.

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