Apex Pro ImMadness Reveals Why They Dropped Vaxlon For ALGS

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FURIA Roster

In a bittersweet set of events for the Apex Legends competitive scene, popular streamer and professional player ImMadness recently announced his decision to join FURIA for the ALGS Year 4. The move comes alongside his current teammate Keon and the addition of a new teammate, HisWattson (already presiding on FURIA.) However, the roster shake-up has not been without its fair share of controversy.

Dropping Vaxlon

In a recent YouTube video, ImMadness opened up about the decision to drop Vaxlon from the roster in favor of HisWattson. Contrary to rumors circulating in the community, Madness revealed that the decision was not an easy one, and he and Keon had exhausted all possibilities to retain Vaxlon.

Madness Explains

Madness expressed the financial challenges they faced, stating, “Keon and I have bills to pay.” The pressure intensified as Keon informed Madness that he would be leaving Apex if they did not secure an organization after Split 1. This added urgency to find a stable home for the team and avoid further roster changes.

The renowned player acknowledged the difficulty of the situation, saying, “I did not see us getting a better offer,” highlighting the current state of the Apex esports scene. Madness also shared his discontent about the perception that he willingly dropped Vaxlon, the team’s perceived best player, explaining, “It makes me unhappy that people believe I wanted to drop our best player…it’s not what we wanted.”

ImMadness expressed his disappointment in having to make a tough decision and conveyed his reluctance to compromise the integrity of the team. He admitted, “I hate [expletive] anyone over because I have been there.”


The trio, including the new addition HisWattson, had already been playing together in the current season’s online ranked matches, achieving the remarkable feat of securing the top three spots in Apex Predator, the highest rank in the game. This showcased their synergy and potential as a formidable team.

With the FURIA roster announcement, the speculation surrounding ImMadness’ and Keon’s decision has been put to rest, offering a glimpse into the challenges faced by professional players in the competitive esports landscape. As the team embarks on this new chapter, only time will tell how the revamped roster will fare and where former teammate Vaxlon will go next in the fiercely competitive world of Apex Legends.

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