Apex #1 EMEA Team Banned from ALGS PSQ

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The Ban

In a shocking turn of events, the competitive Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) scene in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region is currently embroiled in a dramatic saga. The pinnacle of the tension revolves around Red Dragon, the #1 team in PSQ (Preseason Qualifier) points, as they announced their sudden ban from ALGS, rendering them ineligible to compete in the final PSQ. This unexpected development not only jeopardizes their shot at the pro league but has also left fans and professionals alike demanding justice and answers.

The incident unfolded when Red Dragon player “G0_ZH” would take it to X (formerly Twitter) that he and Plushka had their accounts banned in game for what they believe was a “false IP ban” as they were not playing in their usual physical location.

Apex Pros & Devs

Desperate to rectify the situation before the crucial PSQ matches, Red Dragon took to social media, tagging multiple game developers and enlisting the support of fellow professional players. The plea for swift intervention gained traction as the community rallied behind the beleaguered team, expressing solidarity and urging the game developers to reconsider the ban.

Despite the outcry and the collective efforts to shed light on the issue, Red Dragon reported that their appeals fell on deaf ears. The team alleged that they received no assistance whatsoever, leaving them stranded and unable to participate in the PSQ, a competition that could have solidified their spot in the prestigious pro league.


The controversy has sent shockwaves through the ALGS community, with fans and professionals expressing their frustration and disappointment over what they perceive as an unjust and untimely ban. After acknowledging that their support ticket came back from the admins as an accurate ban, some began to speculate the cheating allegations. Regardless, one this is certain, the communication on these matters could be much better. Sadly this could be the end of the run for team Red Dragon as points from this week were beyond crucial. Stay tuned for further developments as the ALGS EMEA drama continues to captivate the esports world.

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