Tripods “NOT INVITED” To ALGS Year 4 Pro League According to Apex Reporter

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In the ever-evolving world of competitive esports, rumors often fly faster than a Wingman bullet. The latest buzz in the Apex Legends community revolves around the alleged exclusion of the renowned “Tripods” from this year’s ALGS Year 4 Pro League invites. While this information comes from a respected Twitter source for Apex Legends Pro News @TAG_Tom_apex with EsportsGG, it should be taken with a grain of salt until confirmed by the team or official sources.


According to Tom, pro league invites were confirmed to exclude The Tripods, a squad that many fans assumed would secure an invitation through the discretionary rule of “Wave 2” invites in the ALGS Year 4 Pro League.


It seems very likely to be accurate information as Tripods were not listed in the list on Battlefy.

What adds a layer of intrigue to this story is that the alleged exclusion of The Tripods is not an isolated case. Teams like E8 also appear to have missed out on a coveted Pro League invite, despite fan assumptions that both squads would receive invitations. This further raises questions about the selection criteria and which teams ultimately earned their spot “at the discretion of the ALGS.”

ALGS Year 4

In the world of esports, invite lists for prestigious leagues are often subject to intricate evaluations, player statistics, and numerous other factors that can be challenging to decipher from the outside. Apex Legends is no exception, with a dynamic and competitive ecosystem that makes decisions even more complex.

As the community awaits official announcements, the Apex Legends fanbase is left speculating about which squads will be battling it out in the ALGS Year 4 Pro League. The Tripods, known for their fan support, may still secure a spot, and it’s essential to remember that nothing is set in stone until officially confirmed.


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