The Sad Reason Apex Pro Coach LEAVES South America For NA/EMEA in ALGS Year 4

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In a significant move, renowned Apex Legends South America esports coach “Dutch” has announced his departure from the South American Apex Legends scene. This decision follows the removal of the South American Pro League for ALGS, leaving the region with a void of competitive opportunities. Dutch played a pivotal role in Start A Fight Esports’ (SAF) remarkable success during the ALGS Year 3 Championship.


SAF’s exceptional performance saw them as the only South African team to reach the ALGS Year 3 Championship finals, surprising fans worldwide. Dutch’s move to the North American and European, Middle Eastern, and African (NA/EMEA) scene is bittersweet for South American fans, as they understand the need for broader horizons in esports with the ALGS recent announcement to gut the SA scene nearly entirely. The sad truth behind his move however is not only because other regions has previously had better opportunities, but also because South American players alike feel that there is less meaning to the region and it’s future in the ALGS Year 4.

It’s an exciting chapter for Dutch, and fans eagerly anticipate his continued success in Year 4 and beyond. His departure underscores the global nature of esports and the potential for talent to flourish beyond regional boundaries. We wish Dutch the best in his new journey.


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