Dooplex Switches Back to Controller for ALGS Year 4 Despite Apex Nerfing Aim Assist

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Dooplex Switches Back To Controller

In the ever-evolving world of professional Apex Legends, change is the only constant. This sentiment is perfectly embodied by the recent decision of Apex Pro Dooplex, a former controller console player who had transitioned to the world of Mouse & Keyboard years ago as he made his debut in the Apex Legends Professional environment, has now announced his switch back to his roots on controller for ALGS Year 4.

Dooplex’s Past

Dooplex’s journey in Apex Legends is a testament to the adaptability of top-tier players. He began his career on the console, mastering the controller’s intricacies and scene as did his former teammate “Skittlecakes” on OpTic Gaming. Switching from console to PC is quite a common thing for Apex Pros as many of the current pros recently have converted.

While Skittlecakes has remained a stalwart on OpTic Gaming, Dooplex charted a different course by forming his own squad, DNO. However, despite an impressive second-place finish in the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) for ALGS Year 3 Champs, and a solid performance at Champs itself under DSG, Dooplex has decided to switch back to the controller after speaking on the matter during a stream.

Why The Move?

The decision to switch back to the controller is a remarkable one, especially given that many professional players, like Dooplex, had moved to Mouse & Keyboard setups in recent years , which use to be the Gold Standard for PC Gaming. The reasons behind this transition are complex and long discussed. One significant factor that has triggered the debate is the ongoing discussion about aim assist.

Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind Apex Legends, has stated its plans to nerf aim assist in the coming years. This announcement has raised concerns and led to heated debates in the competitive community. While developers aim to level the playing field between controller and Mouse & Keyboard players, some professional players are concerned about the potential impact on their performance.

The Future

Dooplex’s choice to return to the controller is emblematic of the broader debate surrounding the role of aim assist in competitive Apex Legends. On one side of the argument, players assert that aim assist provides controller users with an advantage that can be game-changing. On the other side, players argue that the skill required to excel with a controller is just as high as that of a Mouse & Keyboard player due to movement hinderances.

The ongoing controller input debate continues to gain momentum, and it reflects the ever-evolving nature of competitive gaming. As the meta and gameplay mechanics in Apex Legends shift, professional players like Dooplex remain flexible, adapting to the changing landscape of the game they love.

As ALGS Year 4 unfolds, the decision of Dooplex to switch back to the controller will undoubtedly be closely watched by the Apex Legends community. It not only showcases the dedication and adaptability of professional players but also underscores the importance of an open and constructive dialogue between developers, professional players, and the wider player base. The Apex Legends competitive scene is in constant flux, and the discussion around controller vs. Mouse & Keyboard is a testament to the passion and commitment of all involved in the world of Apex Legends esports.


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