Apex Confirms Matchmaking Update in Apex Season 19 Ignite

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SBMM & Ranked

In Apex Legends, the community has long discussed ranked play and skill-based matchmaking (SBMM). A recent update introduced a hidden MMR system in ranked, which has left players frustrated and uncertain about the game’s future. Respawn Entertainment has acknowledged the discontent and promised changes this season, but they have not disclosed the specifics, leaving players eagerly anticipating Season 19 Ignite.

The Hidden MMR System

The introduction of the hidden MMR system in Apex Legends Ranked has sparked concerns. Players have criticized its impact on gameplay. It forces you to play with your MMR level, which is hidden, even if you are a much lower rank. Respawn Entertainment has acknowledged these concerns and stated they are actively revising matchmaking, although they have not provided details on the changes.

Changes To Matchmaking Coming

Respawn did confirm matchmaking changes coming recently in a media press preview. According to “alphaINTEL” on X (formerly Twitter), Respawn claims “…they are always tuning SBMM – they won’t say how exactly (for obvious reasons).” They also say that “Pub matchmaking is getting some revisions, have done some testing, but the exact schedule for changes is unclear. Numerous updates for it this season.”

Frustration Among Fans

Players are frustrated due to the lack of transparency and information about the MMR system and ranked and for public matches. They seek clarity and communication from Respawn Entertainment. While players understand the necessity of SBMM and MMR, they want a system that takes their perspectives into account.

Looking Forward to Season 19 Ignite

As Season 19 Ignite approaches, players hope for transparency from Respawn Entertainment. They eagerly anticipate changes in public matchmaking and wonder if these improvements will extend to the ranked playlist. The Apex Legends community remains hopeful for a balanced and competitive gaming experience that caters to all skill levels.

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