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XSET, a prominent name in the competitive Apex Legends scene, seems to be departing from the ALGS. The news comes hot on the heels of XSET player Koyful’s recent announcement that he will be at the Split 1 Playoff LAN, where he will be subbing in for LGND Gaming’s APAC South roster.

Taking to Twitter, Koyful revealed XSET’s departure from the ALGS following the conclusion of Split 1. This news comes as a shock to many, considering XSET’s status as one of the 12 EA partnered teams at the beginning of the year. Despite the anticipation surrounding XSET’s future in competitive Apex Legends, the exact reasons behind their exit remain undisclosed.

Speculation about XSET’s withdrawal has begun circulating within the community, with sources hinting at an impending official announcement. Now confirmed, XSET’s exit mirrors that of OpTic Gaming, who departed from competitive Apex Legends just weeks prior.

In addition, Koyful shared that the entire roster, comprising Nocturnal, FunFPS, and himself, will become unrestricted free agents. After deliberation with the team, Koyful expressed his intention to explore new opportunities as they head into Split 2 of the ALGS.

Shortly after Koyful’s announcement, Nocturnal corroborated the information on Twitter, teasing forthcoming announcements regarding his own future plans. Although it seems like the information of the organization’s exit may have come out earlier than planned. This isn;t the first time Nocturnal and FunFPS have been signed to an organization that has decided to pullout from the ALGS as they were previously signed to Liquid in year 2.

He also added that FunFPS, Hodsic and himself would be sticking together pending “something happening ($)”

The departure of XSET, coupled with the newfound free agency of its roster, leaves a notable vacuum in the competitive Apex Legends landscape. With six elite players from previously partnered organizations currently unsigned, including both OpTic and XSET rosters, the upcoming Split 2 promises to be a pivotal moment for teams and players alike.

As the community awaits further updates on this unfolding situation, the spotlight remains on the future trajectories of XSET’s former roster members and the landscape of competitive Apex Legends.

Stay tuned for more developments as the story continues to evolve.

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