ALGS Split 1 Playoffs Match Day 1 Recap

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On the first day of the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs of year 4, the Apex Legends competitive scene was ablaze with intense action as top teams from various regions clashed to secure a LAN victory.

Match #1Groups C vs D

The day kicked off with Set 1, showcasing the talent of teams from Groups C and D. TSM and Furia, North American fan favorites, faced unexpected challenges, struggling to make their mark as viewers though they would on the series. However, E8 emerged as the standout team form North America of the set, with a good performance. With 37 points and a victory in game 5, E8 showcased their resilience and skill in a fiercely competitive environment coming all the way from Challenger Circuit to LAN in the past year. While TSM didn’t place higher than 9th in all 6 games, their impressive 28 kills helped them secure 34 points. EMEA teams like Alliance and o7 also delivered strong showings, with Alliance clinching 2 wins and finishing with 53 points, while o7 secured 57 points, boosted by a 20-kill win in game #3.

Match #2 – Groups A vs B

The action continued with Set 2, featuring teams from Groups A and B. DarkZero, Aurora, LG, and Liquid Alienware were among the contenders in this highly competitive set. Once again, North American teams faced difficulties in securing wins, but APAC North’s Crazy Racoon stood out by winning 2 games and accumulating 47 points. The record-breaking team of Aurora met expectations, showcasing dominance with 37 kills and a win, earning them 57 points and the series victory. DarkZero displayed their consistency as always, claiming the second spot with 51 points. LG led by Sweet struggled, finishing with only 23 points possibly due to nerves coming from LAN rookies Slayr and Fuhhnq.

Match #3Groups A vs D

In the final set of the day, teams from Groups A and D battled it out, with LG facing challenges once again, securing 0 kills in the first 4 games and finishing at the bottom of the leaderboard with only 11 points. from APAC South however delivered a strong performance, winning 2 games and finishing with 70 points and proving that the veterans of Sharky and Prycyy still have what it takes to compete. DarkZero once again asserted their dominance on the world, winning 2 games and securing 37 kills to amass an impressive 76 points from the series.

Day 1 Overall Leaderboard Standouts

As Day 2 looms, DarkZero leads the leaderboard with 127 points, followed closely by with 107 points and Alliance with 101 points. Teams like LG, Cloud 9, and Made In Heaven will need to elevate their game to secure a place in the Winners Bracket and stay in contention or face elimination in the losers bracket.

With the tournament heating up and more exciting matches on the horizon, fans can anticipate intense competition and thrilling moments as teams vie for a coveted spot in the finals.

Stay tuned for more action-packed matches and unexpected surprises in the upcoming days of the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs. Day 2 of ALGS Split 1 Playoffs kicks off at 10 am PST on May 3rd.


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